Friday, December 31, 2010

Here we go again.

Yay! Two posts in a week, maybe I'm getting back into business. Updating the blog today has been devastating. Looking at all the progress that I've undone over the past few months is really disheartening. The only thing to do, though, is to move forward. The question that is plaguing me right now is, how? Part of me says, look how far you got counting calories, just go back to the way that works! Another part of me think that I should try weight watchers again. I'm intrigued by the new plan and I think a change may give me that extra motivation that I need. Weight watchers has not been a took that led me to success in the past, though. What do you all think? How do you all proceed in weight loss? Do you do WW? Count calories? Low carb? I HAVE to do this and I feel so defeated right now. Seriously, I could just cry at what I've done to myself...again.

On the surgery front, it went well. I didn't need near as much repair as we thought going on. Turns out I had a bone spur that was shredding a tendon instead of a tear. The pain is still pretty bad, but just as soon as I get clearance I'm going to start exercising. Pam, I'm still planning on that half-marathon in November....are you?

How are you all doing? I don't think there's many of you left out there! For those that are still there, thank you so much for hanging in there with me! I promise to be a better blogging buddy. I have been keeping up with you all, just not commenting. Lastly, does anyone know what happened to Lisa from No More Diet Drama? I know she had several blogs but the last one has disappeared and I miss her!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It's me, the broken record.

Well, hi there :) I'm so sorry about my long absence! Thanks to those that sent emails checking on me. Several times in recent weeks I've started to blog, but I haven't had much to say, and it's so embarrassing to check in and tell you all about failure. Things are crazy, the weight is piling on, and I'm out of control. The holidays are never an easy time, but, in all honesty, I've used them as an excuse to eat whatever I want.

Tomorrow (or later today, really) is my shoulder surgery. I'm super anxious to get it over with and get healing. It will be so nice not to be in pain every day. With the surgery, though, comes a little less control over food. I did stock my kitchen with healthy choices and plan on getting a walking routine together as soon as possible.

Although I'm a broken record, I have to say it. I WILL get it back together. There's no other choice.