Thursday, February 3, 2011

Very quick check in

Yesterday was good! I ended with my calories around 1700, which is a little higher than I want to average, but MUCH better than the past few weeks. Yay! More to say, I'll post later!


  1. Great job :)


  2. Just found your blog this morning - I have about the same amount of weight to lose as you do and the holidays wrecked havoc with the success I achieved up to then. So, I'm off to a new start and looking forward to following your progress as well. Keep up the good work, it's an uphill battle, a lifestyle of relearning, but we can do it!!

    Not sure if this comment will link directly to my weight loss blog - you can find it at

  3. One day at a time. Making good choices will help you reach your goals. You can totally do it!! Keep up the great work!

    Stay focused!