Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My ten truths

As I prepare to jump back into this journey that I both want and need to travel, I'm starting to make a list of the things I know to be true. Here are my ten truths:

1. I'm fat. I'm fat because I have spent years eating too much and moving too little.

2. The number on the scale does not reflect who I am as a person. The number means I'm overweight, it does not mean I'm less deserving of love, have less worth, or deserve less happiness. "Fat" is by far not the worst thing a person can be.

3. I am worth it. I'm worth the effort and the time it will take to get healthy.

4. This journey to better health will take time.

5. It's time to prioritize and putting myself first sometimes is ok. It's ok to say no to people.

6. I'm a food addict and an emotional eater. It will take as much "mental" work as it will physical work to find true success.

7. Food is not my friend, it's not a place of comfort, it doesn't make things better or worse. Food is fuel. It is time to start viewing it that way, as neither"good" or "bad."

8. As much as my getting healthy will help my kids, my husband, my friends, this journey is for me.

9. There will be potholes. There will be mistakes. That's ok. I'm not perfect, nobody is.

10. It's time.


  1. Miss reading your post girl!!! Great to see you back at it. Well said!!!

  2. These truths are amazing. The courage that it took you just to start this journey is amazing! You go girl!!!