Thursday, July 22, 2010

Epic #FAIL!

So, as you can probably tell, the whole "take picture of what you eat" thing was an epic fail. It worked for a day, but somehow I keep forgetting to take pictures. The good news is, I've been making much better choices these days. So, I'm going to report Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Eatz:


Breakfast: Banana and fiber one bar
Lunch: Kashi frozen meal (lemongrass coconut chicken), fresh pineapple and strawberries
Dinner: Greek pita with homemade baked falafel, tzatiki sauce, onions and peppers, spinach, and tomato and white acre peas
Snacks: coffee w/ creamer, dried fruit crisps, peach, mini size three musketeers, 100 calorie almond pack

**For those of you who aren't familiar with Pam's blog From Apples to Zucchini, check it out. Her recipes are AWESOME! WhenI made her baked falafel patty, my husband came in and said, "Courtney, I hate to tell you this, but someone threw up in the oven." I was pretty sure, then, that we were not going to have a successful dinner. He really prefers meat anyway, so I was unsure he'd like it to begin with, then, with that comment, I knew we were done for. Surprisingly, he LOVED them :) Yay, Pam!

Calorie total: 1397


Breakfast: fresh peach, coffee w/ creamer, fiber one bar
Lunch: Turkey sandwich from Jimmy John's w/ cukes, hot peppers, mayo, sprouts, lettuce
Dinner: Broccoli slaw w/ light italian dressing and parmesean cheese, morningstar farm chick'n patty on a sandwich thin w/ ketchup, some pizza crust (oops)
Snacks: doughnut (office party, shouldn't have had it), dried fruit crisps, 100 calorie almond pack

Calories: 1639


Breakfast: **this was at an office party...another one** fresh watermelon and berries, 1T hashbrown casserole, small serving of french toast casserole
Lunch: Salad w/ shrimp, roasted vegetables, balsamic dressing, pine nuts
Dinner: Ham and potato bake, broccoli slaw w/ light zesty italian dressing
Snack: Special K crackers w/ cheese

Total calories: 1491

So, all in all, not bad. Some bad choices, but I was within my calorie limit every day, so that's good. The frustrating thing? No weight loss this week. Zero. Nada. Nothing. I'm trying so hard not to get discouraged, but it's not working. Sorry for the epic fail on the picture taking :(


  1. Okay - first off, thank you for the shout out about my blog! I am so glad you ended up like the falafel patties - they were a hit here.

    Second - that was the best laugh I have had all week - I was on the phone with my husband and was trying to read to him what yours said and was laughing so hard I had to repeat myself! I was in tears!

    On to the rest....

    Some good choices, some not so good - sounds like life to me! I couldn't take pictures of everything I ate either - I applaud you for even considering it!

  2. "...someone threw up in the oven.." lolol. That's someting my husband or sons would say. I made tripe one time and Bill wanted to know what had died in the kitchen. sigh.

    Perseverance and progress, not perfection, leads to freedom. You're doin this thing.


  3. I would fail miserably if I tried to take pictures of my food. Never gonna happen..

    Try no to get discouraged :)

  4. I commend you for even trying. I don't even know how to get a picture on my computer :0(