Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday's Eatz!

Here goes the experiment of photographing what I eat every day. Already there were some slip ups, but that's ok :) I'm getting there. Sorry about the picture quality. This was with my phone camera. I need go get a better one.
For breakfast, I had one scrambled egg on a multi-grain sandwich thin with a slice of cheddar and 1T of brummel and brown.

Lunch was a sandwich thin with one morningstar farm Chik'n patty, 1T shredded cheese, 1T ketchup, corn salsa, and fresh pineapple.

Later, the boys and I made cookies. I did not eat the whole plate :) I did, however, eat one and some batter, so I counted two.

Dinner was SO yummy. I made greek chicken pitas with homemade tzatziki sauce, peppers and onions, spinach, and tomato. The pita was a joseph's pita, 60 cals, lots of fiber. It's yummy! I'm an addict! On the side, I had fresh pineapple and strawberries.
Calories for the day totaled 1490. Not pictured is a cup of coffee with half and half, a few of my kids' fries from McNasty, and a jello mousse cup. All were accounted for in the final total :)

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  1. Can I come to your house? Every looked great!!! I am going to try the breakfast ~ Yum!!!