Friday, July 16, 2010


It's probably obvious from the lack of posts lately, but I'm struggling. For the first time in many weeks I had an all out binge. Stress was definitely the trigger. I'm working hard on getting it back together and I PROMISE to blog more often. It seems that I do so much better when I blog regularly.

I'm also seriously considering taking pictures of everything I eat for awhile. Maybe if I have to show you what i'm eating, I'll think about it before I chew it. Think it'll work?

How are all of YOU doing?


  1. stress is a MAJOR trigger - I hope the stress has or is leveling out for you! Try not to beat yourself up over it. If the picture taking would work for you, then do it! I agree about the blogging - it definitely helps. We're here for you!

  2. The pictures are a great idea. What a way to be accountable. I know when people are watching me, I don't or can't slip up. It's very motivating! Like yesterday, we had ice cream at work. I took the bowl that was dished up and it was a heaping amount. I put my toppings on and started to eat. Well I felt really uncomfortable eating it in front of my peers, so I took a couple of bits and made a grand show of throwing the rest away. I did not want them to see me eat more than I should. Keep fighting and pushing through. You can do this! Hugs!

  3. I agree with posting more often! We would all love to hear from you every day. I'm going to be trying my best to get back on the daily wagon of watching what I eat AND blogging. So let's do it together! :)

  4. Posting often and taking pictures of everything I'm eating really keeps me on track! We are going on vacation next week and usually it's a free for all eating binge, but I'm going to be taking pictures/ blogging every night to keep me from seriously binging for 8 days.