Monday, May 3, 2010

Reality bites.

Sometimes it's amazing to me how much I can lie to myself. This past week I've been chugging along, stepping on the scale less, and I even exercised! Yes! Exercised!! So, I am absolutely going to post a loss this week, right? Of course! I'm working hard, doing great, making great choices!!!! Whoohoo!

So, yesterday, I decided to hop right on that bad boy scale and see just how much of a loss I was looking at. I stepped on, looked at the number, said, "huh?" A gain? It must be wrong, let's try again. Stepped off then back on, same number. This makes no sense.

For a few hours I ranted and raved, both internally and to DH who is uber-tired of hearing about the whole weight loss deal. Over and over again I said, I'm working so hard! I even said it in a whiny voice, one that I thought only my 5 year old could do. Then, I thought, let's review your calories over the past week.

As the little one would say, DUH! Of COURSE I gained weight this week. I averaged about 1800 calories per day, about 300 MORE than I had been. Now, I've allowed myself a few extras this week, and I even logged them in sparkpeople, but I didn't *get* it. I didn't face the reality that I was inching back toward my old habits. Well, I'm facing that reality and, you know what? Reality bites.

The good news is, I'm really NOT beating myself up over it. I realized my mistakes, let myself get a little sloppy, but that's ok. I'm human, it happens. The awesome part about it is, I know how to fix it. Get back into control, log EVERY bite, stay within my calorie limits, and exercise. I can do this, we can all do this!

The one thing I don't feel totally sure of is my calorie goals. I try to stick between 1400-1800 a day. Do you all think this is a good number? Too high? What are your calorie goals?

In other news, I have a cool giveaway planned in the near future that has to do with my new exercise endeavor. It's a little bit of a selfish giveaway since I want someone else to be embarking on this journey with me. :) Stay tuned.

(P.S. I just re-read this, it's annoyingly cheerleader-y. Sorry.)


  1. Chuckle. Well, we all need a cheerleader onde in a while. And, yes, reality does bite! But don't you hate when it bites you as you stand on the scale? chuckle.

    Glad you're skipping the self-flagellation and just going straight to the up and at em phase. Much more effiecient.

    I gave you a mention on my blog.


  2. I haven't really been tracking my calories. I know its probably bad, but I'm newly banded so I figured I would worry about that if I start to stall. I've never been good about keeping track, but the average I see is anywhere from 12-1500.

  3. Listen hear missy....I cheered for 5 years...and yes I probably used an annoying Those were the days...pony tail on the top of my fat on my hips...sheesh...

    Calories...I just started WW because of that very thing.

    When I eat 1200...I feel like I'm dying. I think 1500-1600 is a sensible weight loss number. Depending on how much exercise you do will make the calories go up or down.

    Yep...I know...not much help.

    Oh...thanks for your comments brighten my day :)

  4. One important lesson that I learned this week and wrote about over on my blog was from my tutor for the bar exam(taking CA Bar exam in July). He basically said not to look back, what matters is from here on out. So true! So, keep trying :)

    With regards to calories, I am 6 feet tall and have never counted calories because that sounded like a nightmare and I always figured that it didn't apply to me anyway.

    But I had surgery 2 weeks ago and decided that since I am suppose to be inactive and in bed, I needed to track what I was eating so I don't gain weight.

    I did a lot of online research and the BEST website is

    REALLY great, user friendly, and does not take long at all, if you choose to enter your food and calories for the day. It takes into acount your height and weight for recommended calories, depending on your weight loss goals. Check it out, if you get the chance!

  5. I read it with a cheerleader-y voice! LOVED it. I use