Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, in my search to find the end of the internet this morning, I came across this article on chicken nuggets. This is so gross, we feed these things to our children and sometimes ourselves! My kids LOVE McDonald's, Wendy's...really any place that they can get chicken nuggets. Recently I've taken a good hard look at what they eat, and I'm not pleased. I have to make a transition to offering better choices for my family, not just for me. It's horrifying to think what goes into the processed junk that my family loves. We're slowly transitioning into better choices. Grilled chicken instead of fried, whole wheat pasta instead of white, more veggies and fruits, less processed food. It's a journey, and we're going to make it.

The problem i'm facing is that my kids are SO PICKY. Really, my five year old is especially picky. There are few things he'll eat. I'm at a loss right now of what to send him for lunch because i'm running out of options. He doesn't like sandwiches, won't eat veggies and dip, doesn't like hummus. Really, he would live on turkey dogs, mac and cheese, and nuggets if I'd let him, which I won't.

So, bloggie buddies, any suggestions for good, healthy options for kids?


  1. Ack!!! I just hate fast food!! This confirms it for me that I won't ever have it again. Gross!!

    Kids that won't eat is tough!! Ask them what they would like other than the hot dogs, mac & cheese etc. Maybe you will find something new they would love instead. Let them be apart of the finding new foods to eat. Might be fun!

  2. This is a tough one--I've been cutting back on snacks and find they're more willing to try new foods at dinner. Also, I always offer something they like--maybe the veggie or main course,in addition to the new thing. I also get a weekly email called "the scramble", which has been really helpful. Five dinners, 30 minutes or less, with a shopping list, and she tried to have things that are kid friendly and healthy. Good luck!

  3. If they are hungry enough, kids will eat :) In my opinion, eating healthy takes training. Like give a small healthy breakfast so you know he will be hungry at lunch. And no "fun" things in the lunch for a week until he learns to eat what you packed.

    Sandwiches do get boring. I let my son choose which 2 veggies he wants for his lunch (like carrots and baby tomatoes). I also let him pick the "protein" for his lunch. That way they learn while doing lunch prep. He knows proteins now and sometimes will choose a string cheese and some turkey slices, or a small pinto bean burrito that I make. Sometimes I cube chicken breast from the night before and put that in a bag with a few pepperoni slices.

    There are lots of options, you just have to "train" the little ones about food. Good luck with this adventure :)

  4. We are having the same problems here, slowly but surely it's getting better. When we go grocery shopping they help pick out the fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks. I read the same article about the Mcnuggets and almost vomitted. So gross!!

    Oh, and thanks to the person who mentioned the scramble, I'm signing up now!