Monday, February 15, 2010

A day with family.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with my kids, mom, and grandparents. We really had such a nice time. It's been awhile since we spent any length of time with them, and we all needed some quality time together. However, as I've said before, a lot of my food issues, I think, come from the way my family viewed food. I realized this weekend that I'm MUCH more likely to eat mindlessly or at least make unwise calorie choices when around my family. It's like I walk into my mom and grandparents' home and I think I need to immediately eat. What's with that?

I thought I'd share a conversation that I had with my grandmother this weekend. Keep in mind, it wasn't all at once, this was over a 30 minute period. It really highlights the food issues:

Grandma: Eat something! I have rolls, ham, corn, beans. Eat!

Me: No thanks, I JUST ate lunch. I'm full and I'm also saving calories for my sushi night out.

Grandma: Just a little bit? How about a roll and some ham?

Me: No thanks. I'm good.

Grandma: Fix a plate! Just a little bit. It's good for you.

Me: Nope, really. I'm good.

Grandma: I also have chili, chop suey, and bologna.

Me: I'm really not hungry.

Grandma:I'm sorry I don't have anything you like to eat. I wish you would eat something.

Me: Ok, I'll eat a piece of ham.

See. I gave in. Again. I was guilted into eating. How sick is that? Now, granted, I had the calories, but that wasn't the point. The point was, I wasn't hungry, I didn't WANT anything. But I ate.

This weekend was chocked full of poor choices like that. Notice my calorie intake was high. Really high. Still within my range, but high. Saturday night was my birthday. I saved up a lot of calories to go eat sushi with the girls and go to the new nail bar (it's a spa and a bar, what more could you want?) I really had to guesstimate my calories, I couldn't find nutritional information for some things. I would not be surprised at all if I really was over my limit, but they were my best guesses.

Yesterday was better, my calories were lower, but my choices weren't great. I feel myself slipping. Gotta get back into it! I'm considering posting my menus for a few days for accountability. Here's today's planned menu:

B: Cliff bar, water
L: Grilled shrimp salad w/ balsamic vinaigrette
D: Shrimp chili pasta w/ tomatoes
S: (if needed) Jello SF chocolate mousse.

My projected caloric intake today is around 1550, give or take a few.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I revert to a child in my mind when I'm around my family when it comes to food issues.

    It's sounds like your Grandma was loving you with most sweet grandma's do. It's tough. I'm sorry you ate when you didn't want to, but I understand....very well.

  2. Maybe you need to tell your Granny that you just finished chewing minty gum and it would make the food taste odd...