Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, and an NSV.

The Good:

I lost another 2lbs! I was really hoping for more, but I'll take two. :) Especially since the weekend was filled with celebrations. Also, I stayed within my calorie limit yesterday, which is good considering:

The Bad:

My husband and I came across a recipe on TV one night that he asked me to try. It's a shrimp pasta dish, and it's DELICIOUS. We've had it probably three or four times. It's really good, very light, and not bad calorie-wise if you eat the right amount. (Ha! That's true for everything, I suppose.) However, pasta is always dangerous for me. I could eat WAY more than the recommended serving. We had it for dinner last night, and I DID eat way more than I should have. My dinner was over 800 calories yesterday. :( Still within my limit, but I was way out of control.

The Ugly:

Exercise has not made it back into my routine yet. Or, I should say, I have not made exercise a priority. If only THINKING about it burned calories, I'd be skinny as a rail. Thinking about it is not my problem, it's the actual movement that's the issue. Haha. Lately, my excuse has been that it's too cold.** That's just an excuse, though. I've got to get moving.

NSV (or, non-scale victory):

Most days I dress business casual for work. Today, I had to wear a suit. I wore this suit a month ago and it was not comfortable. You know...the whole sit down, unbutton the jacket, and hope your girl parts don't burst out? Yeah, that was me. Today, though, it's loose! I wouldn't have ever guessed 8lbs would make a difference, but it did. Yay!

**Full disclosure: I live in the armpit of Florida. The high today is in the 50s.


  1. Good for you!!!!! Yah Hoo....
    When ever I eat pasta I have a huge salad with it and drink water. The propper serving size for pasta sucks.... :(

  2. The one good thing about diabetes is that it totally MADE me change my lifestyle....from what I eat, to having to exercise. Exercise makes my blood sugars go down tremendously, so it does double duty for me. I lose weight with it, AND do better, BG wise. I do a mile on my eliptical every other day, and 100 sit up just after that. Oh, and after I do my mile, I do .5 miles on the eliptical for each arm, not moving my feet. I put both feet on one foot pedal, and take one arm off, and propel myself using only that one arm. Then I switch to the other side. It's worked well for getting rid of my flying squirrels.