Monday, February 22, 2010

The weekend-a success or failure?

So, this you can see from the calorie counts, it wasn't so hot foodwise. The weekend brought my husband's birthday, and I surprised him with a weekend getaway. It was fabulous! The problem? I always allow my out of town trips to turn into an excuse to eat terribly.

This weekend, as we departed, I vowed not to let that happen. The good news is that I made better food choices than I would have three weeks ago. The bad news, I blew my calorie budget and still allowed myself to make poor choices. We visited my husband's favorite beach side cafe and where I normally would have ordered fried grouper with hush puppies, french fries, and the restaurant's yummy fried Krabby Bites, this time I ordered blackened shrimp with a salad. We did get the hush puppies and crabby bites, though. So, my choices were better as opposed to good. At dinner on Saturday we went to a little Irish pub. I ordered a Reuben (not good) I only ate half (good!)

So, I'm declaring it not quite a failure but definitely not a success. I could have made better choices, nobody but me was putting that food in my mouth. However, I did make better choices than I would have in the past...that's good right?

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