Friday, February 12, 2010

It's amazing!

It really is amazing, but the whole "eat less" idea really works. For so long I've resisted counting calories. I'm not even sure why I resisted it. It's now 11 days into my new journey. I've hit my calorie goal every single day. Some days I've been closer to the lower end of the range, and a couple of days I've come mighty close to 1800. I've eaten more veggies and lean protien and less junk. That said, I've also had pizza, pasta, and even a frosted sugar cookie. (eeeehhh gads!)

As of this morning, I'm down 8.5 pounds since I started. When I put my jeans on this morning for casual Friday, they were just a tad looser. It works! It's amazing! That said, I do know this weekend will be a struggle. It's my birthday and there are several get togethers planned. I'm going to have to watch my calorie budget closely and make wise choices.

There are a few trends I've noticed that are swaying me back into some very bad habits. For instance, I've taken to not eating breakfast to save calories. The problem is, by lunch I'm STARVING and I eat more than I normally would. That has to stop! Another thing I've been doing, and I have to put this out there to the world, is that i've been taking my morning vitamin on an empty stomach. They make me feel queasy and that leads to not eating for awhile. In my head I KNOW that this is not a good move. I need to eat to fuel my body and to feel good. I'm working on this one.

Today, I'm very moved by this post. Her honesty and clarity have inspired me to really dig deep into how I got here. Look for a post about that soon!


  1. Thanks so much :)

    You sound like you are doing awesome!!

    I used to never eat breakfast. I did change that and it really helped a lot. I have found that I don't have to eat "breakfast" food just because it's morning. That way I'm not wasting my calories on something I don't want to eat.

    Thanks for your kind comments.

  2. Hey... Just found your blog and im really looking forward to following you on your journey...