Monday, April 5, 2010


Aim high, that way if you shoot and miss, you'll be among the stars. -Unknown
Before I became a legal eagle, I had the pleasure of teaching seventh and eighth grade science for awhile. Anyone know knows me "in real life" is laughing right now because my job is about as anti-legal eagle as it gets, but I digress. I really loved teaching. I loved the kids, watching them learn and grow and figure out who they were.

One really important lesson that I learned while I was teaching is that children will live up or down to your expectations. Time and time again I saw children treated as if they would not be successful, even told that they wouldn't succeed by their teachers. Time and time again those children would not succeed. I also saw children rise to meet expectations, when they were treated as if success was an option and was expected, they reached their goals. Often times, they exceeded expectations, both theirs and ours.

Just recently I was reminded of this rule and how it's universally applicable. Last week I decided it was time to get serious in the exercise department. I'd tried and failed at completing the couch to 5k program more times than I could count. Mostly because I wasn't getting the workouts in. I posted earlier about trying a new program where I started out run/walking the whole 5k distance and just working on the timing. Using MapMyRun, I determined a route that would be a 5k and set off. I fully expected not to make it the whole way. What do you know? I didn't.

Since last week was spring break for my little ones and they were at my dad's for some much needed grandparent time, I had a LOT of free time and got a lot of workouts in. (6 out of 7 days! Woohoo!) My husband joined me for a few of the workouts and when I said something about wishing we could do a 5k, he said, "we can!" His belief in me gave me belief in myself and, you know what? We did it. Since then, every walk/jog has been a 5k. Now, the time it takes me to go a 5k is abysmal, but it will get better!

One day, on a walk/jog by myself, I decided to change my route. I knew it would be a little longer, but I decided to try it. With renewed enthusiasm, I set off. It was a great workout. I ran a lot more than normal, didn't feel incredibly winded, and actually ENJOYED myself. When I got back home I mapped my run and found it out was a 4 miler! ME! *I* Ran/Walked a 4 miler! It's SO exciting!

All total, last week I ran/walked 6 of 7 days for a total of 20 miles!! So the lesson of the week is, believe in yourself, set your expectations high and you'll achieve more than you thought you could.

(Thus ends the cheesiest blog post of the day!)


  1. Ok im motivated now.. thank you... Ive been slacking off on the tredmill again.. ARGGGGG Good for you ..... Your doing great... GREAT I say..

  2. That is so true. I do believe people live up to the expectations set for them.

    My mom was a professional dieter and was terrified I would become fat. She managed my food in an excessive manner. I wasn't overweight until after I left home. I've often wondered if some of it was self fufilling prophesy...

    Great job on 4 miles!!