Monday, April 26, 2010

Random thoughts.

Hi bloggie buddies! Just checking in. I don't feel like I have a lot to say today, mostly because the weight loss journey is getting me down. There are some wonderfully inspirational stories of people who have successfully fought obesity and won. I really do want to be one of those people who wins the fight, but, sometimes it feels so hopeless. The loss is so slow. I hate the way my body looks and feels. I was success. Looking at other blogs of people who are seeing or saw fast weight loss makes me jealous, and that's a horrid way to feel.

At the same time, if I'm honest, I'm not putting in the effort that the fast losers are putting in. I have to find the motivation to exercise. I have to MAKE the time to exercise. All weekend I kept saying that I was going to go for a run, but I also had work that needed to be done and I felt guilty that my kids didn't get quality mommy time. All the pulling from other directions meant I didn't pull back for any time for myself. No excuses, I should have. Tomorrow's weigh-in won't be pretty.


  1. Kids need time; things need to be done; you need exercise. Yep. so true. But Should haves will strangle you & leave you feeling overwhelmed, defeated & incompetent.

    There is only so much time--and sometimes the urgent requires attention over the really, truly important--on occasion.

    The trick is to plan ahead and do ahead as much as possible so that you aren't pressed into that "I don't have any choice, urgent attention must be given, NOW." situation very often.

    But you know that. :) We all know that--and most of us don't plan ahead until we've painted ourselves into a corner one time too many. It sounds like you're about to make the kinds of changes to make your ife easier.

    In the process of deciding your planning needs to be tweaked, be kind to yourself. Grace applied to self is a necessary element.

    Best wishes from another sloooowwww loser. :}


  2. Oh wow I have so felt that are definitely not alone. And I agree with Deb - the more responsibilities you have in your life and the less time you have to focus on yourself, the longer its likely going to take, but it certainly doesn't mean its not going to happen. I felt like I lost my spark, and just in the last week or so I have felt it come back. (Crappy timing on my end, seeing as how I can't lose weight right now, but....) just hang in there - its going to get easier!

  3. I have felt that same way! There are days that you want to throw in the towel! I know I have been there! Your a strong girl and you WILL have success! your entitled to having a down day!

  4. Wow, I think we're on the same page today. I don't have any magic words of inspiration. What I have been doing lately is just plugging along. I realize that most of the time I'm not going to be "feeling it" but if I keep on, I will eventually get there. I am not a fast loser either--what a coincidence, I'm also a working mom of three. I'm with you on the exercise--so hard to fit it in. If you figure it out, will you share?