Monday, July 16, 2012

2.5 pounds down!

Although I swore off the scale, I hopped on on Sunday to see what my first week "back" looked like. It looked like 2.5 pounds lost! Yay!! I even got up at 6:45...on a Sunday...when I could have been sleeping for a 3.5 mile walk! Yay me! Then, later, we all hopped in the pool for even more activity. At the end of the day, I was wiped, but a good wiped, you know? One thing I'm really struggling with is my addiction to diet unsweet tea from publix. That stuff is so good. And, although it's calorie free, it has a lot of splenda, I'm sure. I really need to break the tea cycle and get in more water, or at least less chemicals. I did try Dr. Oz's miracle weight loss drink, which is green tea with mint and tangerine. I really like it! Maybe this can be my diet sweet tea substitute? You think? The other thing i'm having issues with is lunch. I tend to eat out every day (SO BAD). What do you take for healthy lunch on the go? Keep making good choices!

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