Monday, July 30, 2012

Friend Makin' Monday

It's that time again, for Friend Makin' Monday!! If any of you read Kenlie at, you know she's awesome and an inspiration. Every Monday she does FMM. Here's my version! If you feel so inclined, answer this weeks' questions and then link back up in the comments at Kenlie's blog!



Goals and More

1. Brag about some of your daily, healthy habits. Oh!   How sad is it that I haven't had many daily healthy habits?! Ugh!  I can say that my family and I swim almost every day after dinner, so daily activity is good!

2. Do you track your daily food intake? If so, how? I do.  I use, or the app on my phone. 

3. What do you want to change most about your daily routine?  I wish I could get into the habit of packing my lunch and healthy snacks every day.  Eating out less often for lunch and munching on an apple rather than hitting the vending machine would help tremendously.

4. How often do you exercise?  I walk with a friend 3 times a week and swim in the pool (not laps, more leisurely stuff) as often as the weather allows.

5. How do you stay on track when you’re on the go? Staying on track while i'm on the go is SO hard for me.  It's a constant battle. 

6. What’s one excuse you use that prevents you from reaching your goals? Time.  There just seems to be a huge lack of time.  I'm going from the time I get up to the time I go to sleep.  My exercise time is in the morning and getting up at 4:45a.m. when I went to bed at midnight is just tough.

7. What scares your most about your journey? That I'm going to fail.

8. What do you think will change most when you reach your goal? (If you have reached it, what’s different?)  I hope that I can learn to love myself, stop avoiding mirrors and stop missing out on life because of my weight.

9. What motivates you to reach your goals?  My children.  I want to be around to see them grow up and see their kids!

10. Share a few of your goals.

~I will track my food religiously.

~I will drop the splenda habit.

~ I will run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2013!!! Or at least FINISH it.
~I will increase the water and decrease the coke zero.


  1. Stopping by from FMM.
    That's awesome that you swim every evening after dinner. I've been swimming several times a week throughout the summer, and it really burns a lot of calories. Plus, I just love the way I feel when I'm in the water.

    I'm on MFP, too.

  2. staying on track on the go is really hard