Wednesday, March 24, 2010

But I love these pants!

Have you ever had that one article of clothing that you just love? The thing that you put on and it makes you feel happy? I have a pair of black pants that I wear to work. I love them. I think they're super comfy and cute. I probably wear them twice every week.

The problem is....they're too big :) FINALLY, I'm seeing a difference in my clothes!!! 17 pounds later and it seems like I'm finally seeing some serious body results. It's very uplifting. I do LOVE these pants, though. I keep wearing them, anyway! I need to look into some replacement comfy pants.

So, I suppose a downside of losing weight is saying goodbye to old favorites, food and clothes. That's ok, though, the smaller sizes and nutritious food are a better value!

Sorry for not updating lately, I've been staying "on track" eating-wise. Not so great in the exercise department, but I'm making baby steps.

A friend and I are seriously considering tackling this:

Do you think I'm crazy? I may be crazy....


  1. I was actually sad when I couldn't shop at Lane Bryant anymore. Who thinks like that??

  2. Good job... Im very very happy for you...I will not be sad in the least to get rid of my bigger clothes.. ....But oddly enough my preggar clothes some of that stuff I miss... Such cute stuff I tell yah...

  3. Lisa, I totally get that. I think it's possible that we were separated at birth. We think the same, and BOTH of our middle names are restart.

    WWW: Hahaha! I a maternity shirt that I still wear, don't tell!