Monday, March 8, 2010

Lunch or Holy Moly!

So, I mentioned in my last post that my little one is sick. He's been running a fever for a few days and feels pretty miserable. This morning my grandparents kept him for me because I had a meeting that I needed to attend. He wanted to stay all day with them, but they had doctor's appointments this afternoon and it's a lot for them to watch him for a whole day. So, the plan was that I'd pick him up from their house during my lunch hour and then meet my husband who'd take him home for the rest of the day. Hubby and I decided to meet for lunch at my favorite local stir fry place.I LOVE it because you can choose healthy veggies, lean proteins, ask for them to use little oil, and they offer brown rice.

C, my oldest kiddo, and I met hubby and we ordered our lunch. The restaurant just started offering quinoa as a starch option. Because I'd heard all about how good for you it is, I opted for that instead of rice, thinking it was a good calorie choice. So, while my food was cooking, I entered my lunch choice into sparkpeople. I almost fainted when I saw the nutritional information for quinoa. 640 calories for a cup?!?! EEEK! Holy Moly! My bowl (which I never finish, because it's huge) probably had at least 2 cups, at least. I was freaking out. But, determined not to let the calorie limit take another hit, I ate half of it. My selection today was quinoa, chicken, broccoli, napa cabbage, and onions with ginger sauce. It was YUM.

Turns out, that must be the nutritional information for 1 cup of uncooked quinoa, because some googling when I got back to my office gave me much better numbers. :) This is awesome, now I can actually eat dinner tonight. I'm still calling it a victory because I evaluated my choice BEFORE I ate it, and ate enough to be full but not stuffed and not kill the calorie budget. Yay!

Because we had C with us, who, as I said before, isn't eating much, I thought I'd ask about the dessert options. Poor kiddo has a sore throat and I thought maybe they'd have ice cream or something cold that would feel good on his throat. The only dessert option was this:

Yes, my friends, this is a twinkie. A twinkie that, apparently, wasn't nasty enough on its own, it needed to be battered, deep fried, sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with something that, I believe, is supposed to resemble strawberry sauce. Ew. I'm sure you're wondering why I have a picture of it....

That picture is courtesy of my husband, who decided we needed it. I can't comment on how it tastes because I didn't taste it. Deep fried nastiness was not on my menu today. Hubby insisted that it was yummy, but I noticed that he only took two bites. Isn't it odd that a restaurant with relatively healthy options offers this as its only dessert?

***One a side note, I just noticed Sean is following me! A celebrity blogger and weight loss rock star is following me! I feel like the time I met Mark Paul Gosselaar in Rome (you know, Zach, from Saved By The Bell). (And, by met, I mean stared at him while I hid because I was too shy to get close. Now, my friends from the trip have a picture with him and I have one too, I'm just not IN it.) I will stop acting like a 12 year old girl now.


  1. I almost had a heart attack with the quinoa calorie count, because I big ol' puffy heart quinoa!!!

    That twinkie looks so nasty...good job on staying away from that bad boy!

  2. Hmmm. Ive still never tried quinoa... Hope your little one feels better soon. My little guy is just getting over a bad cold and now im getting over being sick... It seems like this cold is lasting forever..