Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You are cordially invited....

You are invited to a party!! It's my pity party. Please bring your own kleenex and cheese (you know...to go with my whine).

Today was weigh-in day. Since I weigh EVERY day, I had an idea what to expect. I expected a measly little 1.0lb loss. That was a bummer. That is, until I actually stepped on the scale to a......**drumroll please** (This is very dramatic, considering the results are already on the blog, I have a flair for drama this morning)............a 1.0lb GAIN! AAAAaaaaaaaannnndddd, there went my mood for the rest of the day. Even my three-year old asked me why I was a "crankmeister."

Realistically, I know that I didn't really gain 2lbs since yesterday, it's probably water or something. Still...I should have lost more this week. If I'm being totally honest with myself and all four of my followers (you know I love ya'll), I've slipped a little. Calories have been a little higher, and I've been nibbling and then "guesstimating" calories later. That's probably the issue right there. I have to clean it up.

The really frustrating thing is, this is the week I added exercise! I ran/walked 2 miles three times this week. Grrr...

Ok, I'm going to get it together and fight the urge to drown my sorrows in queso and chips at the local mexican place.


  1. I'm right there with you! I also had a gain this morning, and I know exactly why, too high calories lately, not enough exercise. Good luck this next week, we CAN do this!!!!

  2. Hey--just found your blog, and I can relate. I'm also a mom, lawyer by day, and struggling with healthy lifestyle issues. Look forward to reading your blog!